I have been brain training with Renea  for 5 sessions now, and I couldnt be more impressed with the strides I have made with anxiety, addiction- my sleep, and even vision!  Please read more about neurofeedback, my friends.  It is trully worth looking into! Kelli in Olathe Kansas 

 “Have I said thank you this week? THANK YOU! SO MUCH   Seriously, I wake up and GET out of bed every morning with pain at 3 or 4…. that is so wonderful and my mood... Wow, I just feel good. Plus, on vacation we walked a minimum of 3 miles a day and I felt fine!” ......….CB a client with Lupus from DeKalb MO


“Our daughter is 19 and has Asperger’s. She has severe social anxiety and was unable to attend public school. We really wanted her to have a career, she has so many talents. She home-schooled successfully and took her GED at age 17. We struggled to find a way to encourage her to try college. She had no ambition, no desire to ever leave her room. We tried every suggestion and idea we heard of with no results.  We tried NeurOptimal and within 5 sessions she came to us with an idea for her future. She had a dream for the first time. She was very excited and proud of herself. She then progressed to a plan for a future business and began looking at business degrees. She is now working with Vocational Rehab to help her plan her academic goals for her chosen college degree. NeurOptimal helped her access what was inside her and allowed her to overcome her anxiety and make small steps toward her long term goals.  We plan to continue with NeurOptimal once a week. She would have never reached this point without NeurOptimal.” ..........Colleen in St Joseph MO


“My son is extremely bright. He has always done well in school & tested very high. He’s also had a couple of concussions from sports. After a long day of school and sports he would spend hours and hours on homework. He would get stuck and couldn’t/wouldn’t move on. After starting NeurOptimal he has been spending a fraction of his time at home on homework, and still getting all A’s. It’s like the brain training sort of cleared out the cobwebs. He was able to access and utilize what was in there all along.”..........Lynn, a mom in Olathe KS

 “We noticed a huge difference the week of Thanksgiving. Most of his issues at home are all around what happens at school... He is doing great. We have been doing a lot of other things to help him too but based on each sheet I filled out on him, he has improved behavior dramatically.  It's crazy to believe this works but he is doing amazing.  Thank you.   He now sits with his classmates and they allow him to have his stuff in his desk.” - C a mom in Kansas City Missouri

“Celebrating the amazing transformations I’m seeing in a 7 year old client of mine with autism.  After only 2 sessions of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, he began interacting with other children, wrote his own name, and independently finished a worksheet in class (all for the first time ever). 

Now, 12 sessions later...things only continue to get better! Here are some of those improvements:
~he is able to follow verbal directions much better
~his verbal expression has gone from simply repeating what he has heard (echolalia), to occasional spontaneous sentences of 2-3 words
~MUCH more independent (puts on his own clothes, goes on school field trips without parent, operates DVD player, tablet, TV)
~Sensory defensiveness has improved (ie. desires physical touch: initiates holding his mother’s hand, asked me yesterday repeatedly to hold his hand and kiss it!  Much less picky eater; smiled and calmly sat thru a dentist appointment yesterday (normally it takes 3 people to hold him down)
~Social improvements: hangs out with his family in the family room rather than isolating in his bedroom, initiates play with adults and other children, interacts with and plays with his siblings, much better eye contact, a greater variety of facial expressions.

Btw, his new found independence is causing a few challenges.  Yesterday his mom needed to get gas at Walmart. Normally they go into the store, so he started asking his mom for a snack. She told him No that they were only getting gas today. While she was pumping gas on the other side of the car, he wiggled out of his seat belt, ran into Walmart, made his own I-Cee drink and grabbed a package of pretzels, went to the check out counter, put two pennies on the counter, and ran out the door with the sales clerk chasing him. 

All of these improvements are LIFE CHANGING for this family. Thank you Valdeane W. Brown and Sue Dermit Brown for making the amazing technology of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback available to the world! I am so blessed to be a part of this…. I worked with kids with autism for years as a speech pathologist and never saw progress like this. When the brain is able to “hear” it’s own state from moment to moment (through NeurOptimal), it is able to calm down the fight, flight or freeze response. Once this is calmed down, we can start seeing what the child is truly capable of. In essence, the brain starts to heal itself! Amazing!” .......... Missy a fellow trainer in Little Rock Arkansas