Because of NeurOptimal...

In May of 2018, prior to the bi-annual NeurOptimal Trainers Conference in Quebec Canada, trainers from all over the world were asked to complete the sentence, "Because of NeurOptimal..."   

The answers exemplify why Optimize Neurofeeback was started to help our little corner of the world.

General Wellness for Everyone

Who can benefit from a regular routine of physical training for the body? Anyone with a body.

Who can benefit from a regular routine of brain training with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback?  Anyone with a brain. 

Training your brain with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, will help get you functioning at your best. Your individual best is different from anyone else on this planet’s best. Head injury, disease, trauma, medication, diet, and pollution are just a few of the things that interfere with us living our daily lives at our God given potential.  NeurOptimal® has been designed to provide information about the non-linear dynamical activity of the brain as it shifts from moment to moment. Because it tracks the brain so precisely and so rapidly micro-second by micro-second, there is no need for evaluation or diagnosis ahead of time.  In fact a diagnosis or lack of one is completely irrelevant! This is one of the reasons we are so clear that NeurOptimal® is a training and not a treatment.  Because it is not a treatment it is safe enough to be used at home. NeurOptimal ® simply offers the brain the information it needs to organize and re-organize itself. As it does, inefficient processing and client complaints drop away and new competencies emerge, resulting in greater flexibility and resilience. This translates into a better quality of life for the executive or elite athlete that feels like they are functioning above 90% of their potential, but is still looking for that "extra edge" , as well as the parent and child trying to bring to surface so much potential that seems to be buried within.   

NeurOptimal Explainer Video

You can think of NeurOptimal® training as holding up a mirror to your brain. Imagine you had not seen yourself in a mirror in a long time. Once you see your reflection you naturally start adjusting yourself, maybe standing a little taller, straightening up your hair and so on. The mirror provides the information you need to correct and adjust yourself. And so it is with the brain.